A Labour of Love

You go to a bookstore and buy a couple of books. You are so excited to read them but the vagaries of daily life intervene. Dust gathers on these paperbacks stuffed hastily into whatever little space there is left on the overcrowded shelf. Then one day, you decide to sort out your bookshelves that are [...]

Change in the Time of Coronavirus

It was last Friday that college sent us an email asking everyone to leave for home by the weekend. I was thinking of meeting a friend, and worrying about the history test that I hadn't studied for. I had just returned back four days earlier from the mid-semester break and was easing back into being [...]

ஓர் உரையாடல்

மூர்த்தி அண்ணன் நல்ல உயரம். நேர்த்தியான உடை அணிந்திருந்தார். சுற்றி எங்கும் இருள் சூழ்ந்துக்கொண்டிருக்க , பேருந்தின் விளக்கு வெளிச்சத்தில் தமது கதையை எங்களுடன் பகிர்ந்தார். சாதியை பற்றி பெரும்பான்மையாக வரலாற்றுப் பாடங்களில் மட்டுமே படித்த எங்களுக்கு, அவரது கதை அதிர்ச்சியும் வேதனையும் அளித்தது. ஆனால் எங்கள் மனங்களைக் கவர்ந்தது, அந்தச்சூழலிலும் அவரது வார்த்தைகளில் ததும்பிய பலமும் உறுதியுமே ஆகும். மூர்த்தி அண்ணன் ஒரு தாழ்த்தப்பட்ட சாதியை சேர்ந்தவர். தமது சாதியைச் சேர்ந்த மற்ற இளைஞர்கள் சமுதாயச் [...]

Lenin and Stalin’s Ideas and Policies Regarding Female Emancipation

The period of Lenin’s rule (from 1917- 1925) was a time of great social change in the USSR. The October 1917 revolution paved way for the ‘rule of the proletariat’. The oppressed classes benefited from wide-ranging social, legal and political reform that enabled them to lead a better life. In this atmosphere, women’s rights also [...]

A Comparative Study of Dystopian Themes in Two Novels : The Handmaid’s Tale & Nineteen Eighty- Four

The literary genre of dystopian fiction is concerned with the depiction of a future that is devoid of basic human rights and freedoms, of a world where poverty, tyranny and terrorism is the norm. The basic tools and themes dystopian novels use are common. The difference lies in their approach. The essay tries to explore [...]

Pearl City

I have spent many December holidays in Thoothukudi at my aunt’s house. Thoothukudi during Christmas was a vibrant, colourful and happy place. My brother and I would start counting the stars hung from the façade of various buildings and be amazed at the huge numbers. In the night, ubiquitous fairy lights, of different shapes, sizes [...]