Thank you, Mr.Ruskin Bond

I seriously need to write something . It’s ages since I have done so,and all my father’s pleadings did not push me to write. But today, as I sat in front of the computer,I convinced myself that no matter how much time it takes,no matter how hard it is,I must write something.I am in awe of all you people who write regularly.How do you manage it?

Sometime back, I read two collections of Ruskin Bond’s short stories, and I was mesmerized. They were ¬†accounts of normal people,but never ceased to be interesting.He had portrayed his characters very charmingly. The detailed description of the natural beauty of the Garhwal hills,rather than being monotonous, blended easily with the narrative.Every story, though without much suspense or thrills,stirred some kind of feeling, be it joy,sorrow or something in between.They were heartwarming accounts of the lives of people,stories of love,of kindness,of longing for times gone by.

I had,and still have, a tendency to use complex words and lot of adjectives while writing.I thought this added a certain appeal to my writing. I don’t think that I can ever change that,because its such an integral part of my style.But only after reading Ruskin Bond,I realized that simple words have the ability to create a more profound impact than my complex ones.I learnt that they were more effective and enjoyable than my flowery phrases.

I had enjoyed reading his Children’s Omnibus immensely, and his short stories made me realize how great a writer he was. I think there are few writers who have the ability to write such engaging stories,about the lives of ordinary Indian people.I am in awe of his ability to weave such beautiful and natural stories.They are very rewarding, and no one can regret reading them.

He also has a great sense of wit and humor. I was reading one particularly clever and funny article he had written for the editorial column of the Times of India. I was telling my father how superb it was, and he told me that I should become a writer like him.

I also aspire to be so. Time will tell, but for a person who wants to become a writer,he has been a great source of inspiration.