Georgette Heyer is unbeatable when it comes to romances. I am so in love with her!

Her characters are flawless in this novel, especially the Merriville family: they are lively, adventurous and forever getting into scrapes. You will sure enjoy the confident and devoted Frederica, gorgeous but brainless Charis, serious, though horse mad Jessamy and most of all, the daring, knowledgeable and engaging Felix and also carefree Harry! The siblings of Frederica lend the needed drama and passion to her story.

The Marquis of Alverstroke requires special mention. He is witty, frank and maintains a stoic calm in every situation.He is filthy rich,and has a great dressing sense. First, he is portrayed as a person, who is easily bored and one who does not care or love anybody, except maybe his secretary. The story beautifully traces his transformation into a guardian for the Merriville family, saving them from all disasters,one which he himself could not fathom and eventually, how he falls in love with Frederica and her response.

The other characters, like Endymion Dauntry, Elizabeth Dauntry, Lord Buxted, Charles Trevor, and Alverstroke’s  other sisters etc are also well formed and complement the story, both in terms of humor and emotion. They provide the story with enough substance to sustain the interest of the readers.

The dialogue between Frederica and Alverstroke is the highlight of the novel. It is shrewd, teasing, clever and immensely enjoyable. Especially the last part, which bears his queer and detached proposal for marriage. It would be a sin to reveal too much! Another charming thing is the kindness  the Marquis shows for Felix and the pillar of support he is for Frederica.

The novel balances all the characters well and progresses in a smooth flow. Each page has something to offer, whether it be dollops of humor or witty interaction or exciting events. This is one excellent novel you should never miss. Let it suffice it to say that this novel will elevate you into the highest level of pleasure. Happy reading!

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