The Fault in our Stars is a very beautiful and insightful book. It took me two reads to understand the story to its full extent. The beauty of the book lies in the fact that even painful things are treated in a witty and thoughtful way.

What sets this apart from stories is that it has a ring of truth to it. You can feel the emotions of the characters. Quite a few  portions are inlaid with deep meanings that they give you food for thought.

The storyline is as follows: Hazel Grace, a sixteen year old girl, suffers from thyroidal cancer which has affected her lungs. Augustus Waters, a seventeen year old boy, suffered from osteosarcoma a year before, which robbed him of his right leg. These two teenagers meet in a local Cancer Kid Support Group in Indianapolis, USA.

What follows is how romance blossoms between them and what happens to both of them.

You will find this book irresistible. It will undoubtedly move you at some point or the other, I had tears in my eyes at one touching event. I just couldn’t stop thinking about  the novel.

The trauma experienced by the individual affected and her family is portrayed in a vivid and different way. Some events are adorable and funny to the core. In short, you will just love it!

This book can offer you anything you want, whether it be tragedy, grief, guilt, romance, love, touching moments, powerful thoughts,  humor,  wit, all of it is here. A superb book with a out of the box storyline, which will surely affect you. Made for a refreshing read in this rainy weather!



  1. Alagammai S says:

    Wonderful first post. You have proved that you are your father’s daughter – Alagu Athai

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  2. preethiraman says:

    This is a very beautiful movie that I happened to see recently and thank you for commenting on my blog too. I will def see what they have been working on soon.

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    1. Alagu writes says:

      thank you for liking my writing!


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